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Child Support & Time Sharing

When parents divorce or separate the Court must decide the issues that involve the children, such as child custody, support, visitation (time-sharing). Many times these issues are addressed in parenting plans for the children. Court action also may be required where a parents is trying to move (relocate) with the children outside of the area after divorce, or is seeking to modify a previous court order.

When couples are not able to agree on custody issues, or with the visitation and time sharing that each parent should have with the children, then the courts are faced with making those decisions depending on the "best interests" of the children in each case. Both parents are suppose to be given equal consideration on this matter.

Additionally, the court must also decide the issues of appropriate financial support for the children.  Sometimes court orders involving the children must be modified after the divorce in a post judgment proceeding

These matters can become emotionally difficult and there are times that the parents or the children will benefit from counseling services with an appropriate mental health professional.

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