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Parenting Plans and Time Sharing

Parents of minor children are supposed to have Parenting Plans in Florida. Regardless of whether the matter is a paternity, or divorce, or a post judgment modification, the Parenting Plan will contain issues pertaining to the children, such as co-parenting, time sharing, and residential determination, and may include child support.

The best interests of your children should always be considered when preparing these parenting plans. Sometimes, a parent is more focused on the monetary parts of the case. These cases involving children can be very emotionally difficult. Our goal is to assist you during this difficult process so that your family is affected as little as possible. If necessary, we can direct you to resources that may include a mental health professional if that would be beneficial for your family. Many parents in high conflict cases involving children will benefit from using a mental health professional called a Parenting Coordinator.

Some cases involving children may require a Guardian Ad Litem for the children in order to act as the eyes and ears of the judge. We have served as a Guardian Ad Litem and also know how to assist parents when the Court has appointed a Guardian Ad Litem for their children.

Please contact us either online or by telephone at 305.444.5554. We will schedule a consultation with you so we can discuss how we can help.